[2018] Game Happens – Urban Geographies

The fifth edition of Game Happens has been cancelled. The event would have been dedicated on how cities and urban settlements, in general, are built and experienced at the intersection between real life and video games. In a world in which the human race is ever increasingly choosing to settle within the urban space, it follows that the physical and architectural structure of a city will have to adapt to fulfil the social needs of its inhabitants. Are our cities to be mirrored in virtual reality? Or, shall we embrace a different approach in creating the urban geographies of video games? Where is the genius loci in game design?

You can read our curatorial document on Issuu.


Kate Edwards, World-Building and Worlds Colliding: The Challenges of Culturalization

Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Crafting Navigable Game Cities worth Exploring

Darran Anderson, Through the Looking Glass: How games reflect yet transcend the real world

Jess Haskins, The Politics of Worldbuilding

and more…