Game Happens

Game Happens started in 2014 as an international festival in Italy – part conference and part exhibition – dedicated to both indie game developers and students, without forgetting the diversity and variety of involved ideas and points of view.

Game Happens brought together in Genova amazing and inspiring game people such as Rhianna Pratchett, Paolo Pedercini, Sabine Harrer, Eric Zimmerman, Tale of Tales, Adrian Hon, Lazzie Brown, and Chipzel.

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Game Happens 2017 (Photo Credits: Marco Pezzati)
Game Happens 2017 (Photo Credits: Marco Pezzati)

Game Happens is curated
Game Happens is independent
Game Happens is transdisciplinary
Game Happens is a political statement
Game Happens is international
Game Happens is nonprofit
Game Happens is inclusive


Papille: Una fettina di cultura al limone is a new editorial project created by Game Happens for our Italian readers. Every Thursday we offer a curated menu full of interesting links regarding video games and digital culture. We are seeking connections among diverse fields and arts, we want to mix ingredients and find tasty new recipes.

Papille (which means “taste buds” in Italian) is heavily inspired by three other publications which we invite you to follow: Critical Distance, Heterotopias and (in Italian) Medusa. We want to take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts and cultural relevance.