What People Say About Us

I had a wonderful time at @game_happens, big hugs to the organizers, volunteers, speakers and attenders!

Paolo Pedercini

And that’s it, thank you again @game_happens and to everyone I met on this trip. Till next time! #briTravels

Bri Cade

Kudos to @game_happens for inviting so many female speakers to their festival – and they’re all awesome!

Julia Noomen

Game Happens is the only games conference I’ve been to where there aren’t guns constantly on screens.

Mata Haggis

Feeling super grateful to @game_happens for looking after speakers so well, and for the opportunity to make so many super cool new pals.

Hannah Nicklin

Way more to say/describe/laugh about, so I’ll end with Thank You. Game Happens–every person there–gave me a welcoming, unforgettable trip.

Xalavier Nelson Jr.

I participated to game events all over the world and Game Happens is definitely among my favourites: its vibrant environment and forward thinking community are hard to find anywhere else!

Roberto Dillon Roberto Dillon

Game Happens is a very cozy, intimate, event so it does feel very familiar and welcoming.

Karen Texeira Karen Texeira

Game Happens Right Now has been an amazing experience of being in beautiful Genova for the first time and getting to know local game designers, game scholars, and game players – peopole who are interested in games and game culture – and also meeting the other international game developers who have come to speak.

Eric Zimmerman

We now have a serious, important, different game conference in Italy.

Pietro Righi Riva

Game Happens is something that everybody should know across the world, because it’s a tiny but magical moment.

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