Before I Forget

Before I Forget is a narrative exploration about Sunita, a woman with dementia. The player begins in a monochrome grey setting, and by embodying Sunita and exploring her house, they interact with objects that trigger her memories, which bring colour back into her world as the player pieces together the story of her life and her illness.

Country: United Kingdom

Keywords: dementia // narrative // non-violent // exploration

Content Warnings: Protagonist suffers from dementia

Category: Digital game (PC)

Recommended Age: 11+

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About the Creators: 3-Fold Games

3-Fold Games are a small team of two women (Claire Morley and Chella Ramanan), who met at the XX+ Games Jam in Bristol in 2016. At the Jam we won Audience Choice Award for Before I Forget, which is why we pushed on with development. We have since exhibited the game in the UK and internationally and are now collaborating with sound designers and artists to complete development. Before I Forget has been featured in The Guardian, CNet, Kotaku and on various podcasts and videos.