Cricoterie is a Virtual Reality simulation initially inspired by the theater of Tadeusz Kantor and further expanded for the present day. In the middle of the stage in an empty theater you are confronted with a looming wardrobe. Every time you close its doors, a new object appears inside. You are the director. You take the objects and arrange them on stage to see what will happen, what will happen inside of you, as you struggle with the beautiful imperfections of the physics simulation.

Country: Belgium

Keywords: theater of death // vr installation // art

Content Warnings: References to death, religion and war

Category: VR Experience

Recommended Age: 18+

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About the Creators: Michaël Samyn, Auriea Harvey

Michaël Samyn & Auriea Harvey have collaborated since 1999, first as Entropy8Zuper! creating, then as Tale of Tales developing videogames and now as Song of Songs focusing on Virtual Reality installations and 3D printing. Their works include Skinonskinonskin (1999), The Endless Forest (2005), The Graveyard (2008), The Path (2009), Luxuria Superbia (2013) and Cricoterie (2017-…). After twenty years of Belgium, the couple recently moved to Rome.