From Head to Toe

From Head to Toe is a short interactive story about winter, existential guilt and your ex-classmates. In this experimental 2D game, you play as Betty—a young woman visiting her hometown. Joined by her high school best friend, Quentin, Betty journeys to her childhood home on a path that she has walked so many times before.

Country: United Kingdom

Keywords: interactive short story // visual novel // existential // emotional // nostalgia

Category: Digital game (PC)

Recommended Age: 15+

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About the Creators: Party for Introverts

Party for Introverts is a 2-person team from the United States and Russia with backgrounds in professional video game development, literature, and theatre. Based in London, our studio reaches out to collaborate with others within these industries. Combining our skills and cultural heritage, we aim to make nontraditional games that focus on story, emotion, and connectivity.