Ghostboi in the Land of the Dead

Ghostboi in the Land of the Dead is a physical, alternative controller narrative game. It explores themes of nostalgia, mortality and haunting using colorful design and cute characters. Players control Ghostboi’s earthly vestiges, allowing him to once again feel the various highs and lows of mortal experiences as he tries to understand his new place in the afterlife. The user’s interaction with the vestiges will affect how Ghostboi feels in the afterlife and will be represented on the display.

Country: United Kingdom

Keywords: ghosts // narrative // nostalgia // ghostburgers

Category: Digital game (alternate controller)

Recommended Age: 9+

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About the Creator: Julia Makivic

Julia Makivic is a game designer based in London. She has a background in computer science and comics and illustration. She has made a variety of web-based interactive narratives, although she is currently focused on making physical and tactile game narratives using microcontrollers, LEDs, screens and various sensors.