A young girl escapes from her hometown, leaving friends and family. After many years, she returns to her place. Why does she come back? In Leaves, your actions will reveal hidden memories and, at the same time, you can influence the environment to depict a specific moment of your story. Leaves is a contemplative, adventure game based on emotions, feelings, memories, confessions and denials. Leaves narrative technique is influenced by the stream of consciousness genre and ergodic literature.

Country: Italy

Keywords: stream of consciousness // narrative // contemplative

Category: Digital game (PC)

Recommended Age: 15+

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About the Creator: Simona Maiorano

Simona Maiorano is game developer based in Apulia, southern Italy. She works as a QA consultant, and independently develops personal projects to learn, express, experiment. Creator of antifascist games’ showcase Antifa Art & Games, she also started the Apulian local game dev community and co-founded the no-profit organization Game Art Dev.