Noah’s Ark Animalibrium

A tiny little boat, many animals and… A delicate balance! These are the special elements of Animalibrium, a brilliant app with the same pure, free, fun of our childhood. The main idea is simply fun: You are Noah. Help get the animals on the ark, balance them on board and bring them to safety, or freely explore the world to discover the hidden characters! (Mussels are just cute!). Animalibrium is carefully designed for kids, and it is deliberately not competitive nor addictive.

Country: Italy

Keywords: kids app // interactive book // interactive // high-readability // dyslexia

Category: Digital game (Tablet / Mobile)

Recommended Age: 3+

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About the Creators: Giulia Olivares, Giordano Scalzo

Lola Slug (Giulia Olivares + Giordano Scalzo) is a creative studio that makes brilliant video games and content for kids all over the world. Fonts, colours match, imagery, characters, everything in their apps is designed to meet the cognitive needs of young children and to encourage their development. The studio has innovative spirit with focus on products for early childhood and their families. Lola also animates a series of workshops designed to encourage a creative approach to new media.