Plaything is a joyful and intimate game about your relationship to a small creature you help to craft with your hands, and how you learn to live alongside each other. You start by stitching together a character from simple, fizzy geometry. It then springs to life and your life together unfolds over the course of a few personal vignettes, where you learn how to navigate each other’s space. It’s a loving blend of hand-made design and animation, and unfolding generative art.

Country: Scotland

Keywords: joyful // intimate // calming // caregiving // curious

Category: Digital game (Tablet / Mobile)

Recommended Age: 6+

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About the Creators: Niall Tessier-Lavigne, Will Anderson

Plaything is being created by filmmaker Will Anderson and game maker Niall Tessier-Lavigne. Having initially met online through a mutual admiration for one another’s work, the two recently started working together. Though they’ve historically worked in separate media, they share a common set of experiences through growing up in the Highlands and approach many creative problems with a similar vision. Kirsty Keatch and Keith Duncan are working on the sound design for the game.