Shrug Island – The Meeting

Shrug Island – The Meeting is a warmly wistful adventure, an open door into a playful celebration of music, mystery and nature’s dances. Featuring psychic archeology and musical metamorphosis, the Shrugs and their Island are an allegory on the many levels of identity, belonging, care and renewal. In a personal fusion of genres crafted by a small team of music and nature lovers, it’s a game about hope, reconnecting friendship, and hidden pasts, featuring beautiful hand-drawn art and soundscapes. 

Country: France

Keywords: intimate // environmental // musical // journey

Category: Digital game (PC)

Recommended Age: 6+

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About the Creators: Alina Constantin, Michael G. Rose, Milos Jovanovic

Alina Constantin is Shrug Island’s creator, game designer, and artist who’s background in nature activism kept the team focused on worlds outside their computers. 
Michael G. Rose, game composer and producer, has spent a lifetime making music using wood and strings, enjoys making Shrug music on unrecognizable virtual instruments.
Milos Jovanovic (Borg Interactive) is programmer on Shrug Island, with a degree in Tropical Forestry, a uniquely appropriate background for this cross cultural project.