Something for Someone Else

Something for Someone Else talks about experiencing love, expressing it through a game, and, with the passing of time, starting to feel shame for the game you created. The main theme of the game is how love can easily turn into hate for the other, for our ways of expressing it, and for ourselves.

Country: Italy

Keywords: intimate // environmental // musical // journey

Category: Digital game (PC)

Recommended Age: 11+

About the Creator: Lorenzo Biagini

Lorenzo Biagini is a game design teacher and independent game developer. He has created a few independent games and he has previously worked in an Italian studio. 4H StudioLab is the name he uses for his experimental projects such as Space Between World. He genuinely believes in the fact that games can tell deep concepts and stories through their mechanics other than with their words: 4H StudioLab was born to make these kind of games.