Stereophyta is an exploratory game about making music through interactions with a digital environment. The player awakens on a small island with tools and seeds which allow them to create music by farming plants. Each plant represents a different musical instrument. All physical interactions, like the wind passing through the plants, the rain falling on the earth, and even the player’s movement through the space cause sound to play. Take your time and enjoy your own musical garden.

Country: USA

Keywords: organic // caretaking // coexistence // natural // exploratory

Category: Digital game (PC)

Recommended Age: 6+

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About the Creator: Kasrah Ghobadi

Kasrah Ghobadi is a writer, game designer, and programmer based in NYC developing experimental games solo and collaborating with Big Bag collective as well as JRPG Combat Systems. He has worked professionally as a Unity developer in and out of games, but prefers this kind of work as artistic expression. His focus diverges into two central paths: natural sound simulation & apocalyptic science fiction. Though they overlap at times, he explores these tendencies in both games and prose narrative