Reducing Ethnic Prejudice and Increasing Empathy through Online Games: A Migration Themed Case Study

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Friday 8 November, Afternoon Sessions

The study concerns an online activity in which participants have to face the choices that an asylum seekers deal with during the bureaucracies of Italian second hosting. Through the “choose your own adventure” game mechanics, the player is put in migrants’ shoes. With an empathy and ethnic prejudice psychometric scales survey we tested the impact of the game on participants attitude towards migrants, in order to evaluate the educational and pedagogic transformative power of these activities.

Andrea Maragliano, Università di Genova – DISFOR

Andrea Maragliano is an Educator & Game Researcher-Designer. He is currently a PhD student in Social Sciences (University of Genova), studying the relationship between gaming and marginal social groups (Game for Social Change approach). As a game designer he coordinated Jury Trial, edu-larp on International HumanRightsTribunal, and Hold the Line, edu-larp and online game on refugees second hosting. He collaborates as consultant in the edu-larp Mynosia Labyrinth, European project Into The Footsteps Of A Migrant.