Presence and Dissonance in Audio Design

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Saturday 9 November, Afternoon Tech Sessions

What place do the qualia of sound occupy in our minds? Each of the senses has its part to play in building a picture of an environment, and this talk explores why (and how) audio can be one of the most powerful ways to leverage anti-diegesis, especially for dreamlike and surreal spaces. This talk will examine sound generation with regard to texture, implementation for creating subconscious mood, and techniques to move and unnerve the player.

Chris (Lazzie) I Brown, Arbitrary Metric

Chris (Lazzie) I Brown is Audio Designer & founding partner at Arbitrary Metric. Beginning with sound design for installations and theatre, and coming through live audio, Chris (Lazzie) arrived at gamedev in late 2017. Chris (Lazzie) was the sole sound designer and composer for their first game Paratopic, a short surreal adventure title for which he won the IGF Excellence in Audio award at GDC in March 2019. Now working on the next AM project, Chris (Lazzie) is reflecting on the balance of self-care with ambition and the creative process.
Twitter: @Lazarus_Audio