Why Videogames Are the Perfect Medium to Tell Meaningful Stories

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Saturday 9 November, Morning Sessions

Don’t we all love a bloody good story? Of course we do. For the studio like Charlie everything starts with the characters: their hopes and dreams, their flaws, their nightmares. Dagmar conceives their voice, Kenny the world through their eyes. It is vital for them that the player becomes emotionally attached to these characters. So with their team they seek that delicate balance when walking the thin rope of game design: story events, level design, gameplay, mechanics.

Dagmar Blommaert, like Charlie

Dagmar Blommaert found herself at the threshold of a new world when she was hired to write an adventure game for children, and met artist Kenny Guillaume. They loved working together, and wanted more: they developed their own game, Marie’s Room. After the successful release in april 2018, Dagmar and Kenny knew they weren’t done. They started their own game studio – like Charlie – and have their second game in development: Ghost on the Shore. Dagmar wrote the story for Journey for Elysium for Mantis Games, and is currently working on Nanotale for Fishing Cactus.
Twitter: @dagmarblommaert