The Maiden from the Sea, on Stage Creation with Video Game

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Saturday 9 November, Afternoon Tech Sessions

Presentation of the work done with Godot Engine for an opera in South Korea called The Maiden from the sea – Futari Shizuka (live visual on stage). The presentation shows the technical and artistic aspects of the collaboration between the scenographer Thomas Israel, a video artist, and François Zajéga to achieve a 50 minutes performance with a mix of generated images (Godot engine) and pre-recorded footage.

François Zajéga,

François Zajéga is a software artist living in Brussels. After founding a web company, he turned to scientific research by joining the Numédiart as a researcher specialising in video processing. His interest in libre software, both technically and philosophically, leads him to collaborate regularly with Constant VZW. He is currently working on the development of polymorph (, a research site dedicated to video games. He is teaching at Arts², ERG and La Cambre.
Twitter: @frankiezafe