How to Make a Good Game with a Bad Engine

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Saturday 9 November, Afternoon Tech Sessions

Unity is becoming the go-to game engine for new and seasoned developers, but it’s not the only alternative! There are hundreds of different engines, and they all have pros and cons. We’ll look at porting options, scripting vs. visual languages, and all the other questions you should ask yourself to identify the instrument best suited for your project. Because sometimes, the least popular game engine is exactly the one you need.

Giada Zavarise, Independent

Giada Zavarise is a freelance Narrative Designer and Games Journalist with three years of experience in the industry. Her articles have appeared on Eurogamer, PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun and Fanbyte. She is currently busy with Selling Sunlight, a wandering merchant RPG, and with exciting freelance projects she can’t tell you about. Yet.
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