Eretz Israel. Designing a Board Game on the Birth of the State of Israel

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Friday 8 November, Afternoon Sessions

The talk will be held by the designers of Eretz Israel (Giaime Alonge and Riccardo Fassone). It will present the issues that designers face when working on a simulative historical board game that tackles complex and sensitive themes, such as the birth of the state of Israel. We will present our experience and discuss themes such as our political responsibilities as game designers, the implied rhetorics of game mechanics, and our position as academics and designers.

Giaime Alonge, University of Turin

Giaime Alonge is full professor at the University of Turin, Italy. He has been a Fulbright visiting professor at the University of Chicago. His main research areas are: American cinema, Screenplay, Animation, Film and History, Game Studies. He started playing wargames when he was eleven.

Riccardo Fassone, University of Turin / Dotventi

Riccardo Fassone is a game scholar at the University of Turin and a game designer with the collective Dotventi. He is the author of two books on the history and theory of video games, and several analog games.
Twitter: @doktorplirtz