From Traditional Educational Toys to Innovative Kids’ Apps with Lola Slug and Animalibrium

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Saturday 9 November, Afternoon Sessions

How to innovate with the same pure, free fun of our childhood? A meeting with Giulia Olivares, game designer of two delightful apps for kids: Lola Slug, the best book app for beginning readers with and without special needs like dyslexia, and Animalibrium, a lovely video game inspired by traditional toys. Both these apps are aimed at children 3-7, a not simple age target with in-continuous-development cognitive skills that required numerous observations from truth and many ethical choices.

Giulia Olivares, Lola Slug

Giulia Olivares is one of the best Italian illustrators for kids, she has been working with the main publishers all over the world. Graduated in Literary Criticism with a study on the editorial activity of Bruno Munari, she likes to experiment with different media and go beyond the definitions of traditional book, toy and video game. Playing on this edge she has successfully published two delightful apps: Lola Slug at the Exhibition, and Noah’s Ark Animalibrium, both featured on the App Store.
Twitter: @giuoliv