Reimagining Energy Systems through the Video Game

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Friday 8 November, Afternoon Sessions

Before capitalism universalized the usage of the steam engine and the factory system in the mid-1800s, humans relied heavily on water and wind as prime movers/energy sources. Why did industrialization choose the steam engine, or more properly why did the ruling class choose the steam engine as the prime mover for industrialization? What would the other energy pathways have looked like? Can video games help us reimagine our energy systems and their dark past?

Kasrah Ghobadi, Independent

Kasrah Ghobadi is a writer, game designer, and programmer based in NYC developing experimental games solo and collaborating with Big Bag collective as well as JRPG Combat Systems. He has worked professionally as a Unity developer in and out of games, but prefers this kind of work as artistic expression. His focus diverges into two central paths: natural sound simulation & apocalyptic science fiction. Though they overlap at times, he explores these tendencies in both games and prose narrative.
Twitter: @theStaticMan