The Outside Is In – Raising Shrug Island

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Saturday 9 November, Afternoon Sessions

This long-distance conversation between the creative duo behind musical nature fantasy Shrug Island, demonstrates the impact of bridging outsider perspectives, creative contradictions, metaphors, mechanics and uncanny survival tactics to craft a transformational experience of intimate scale and far-reaching perspectives, along the outskirts of game spaces. The talk unravels details of difficulty, diversity and discovery in the adventure of activating unexpected collaborations to make art matter.

Michael G. Rose, Tiny Red Camel

Alina Constantin and Michael G. Rose formed Tiny Red Camel to make games that express, educate, and entertain. The previous practices of their team includes traditional arts, folk music releases, teaching, filmmaking, forestry research, and nature activism to name a few. Through their work they illustrate strange identities as forms that continue to build and change, and believe in the artistic role of games to create a bridge between the imagination of the players and the developers.
Twitter: @mgr88