Working with AI as a Co-Composer

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Saturday 9 November, Afternoon Tech Sessions

Lately, many have been succeeding in teaching AI how to compose music. For some, it might seem like human music is getting closer to an end. However, if we are smart about the way we use this new technology, it can increase workflow and allow for more time working on the creative aspects of music creation. This talk will explore the different aspects of AI generated music, and how we can use AI as a co-composer to speed up our workflow, boost our creativity and get ready for the future of music.

Oda Tilset, Independent

Oda Tilset is a freelance sound and music designer based in Oslo, Norway. She is working with several Norwegian game studios, and has a bottomless curiosity for anything related to audio and game development. She loves playing around with AI generated music, and firmly believes it is the next big thing in music production.
Twitter: @OTilset