Beyond Mobile: The Future of HTML5 Games

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Saturday 9 November, Afternoon Tech Sessions

As WebGL improves, web games have the potential to rival native mobile games. Since 2014, Flying Sheep Studios has been making high-quality web games. As browsers have grown stronger, the ambitiousness of the projects has grown. This talk walks you through the studio’s project pipelines using open source and its proprietary software to give you a window into the development process. The discussion also includes comparisons with other technologies and explains where mainstream engines fall short.

Casilda de Zulueta, Flying Sheep Studios

Casilda de Zulueta is a 3D generalist artist, video editor and animator. Hailing from Spain, she moved to Germany to study an MA in Game Development & Research at the Cologne Game Lab, while she freelanced for a few projects. She loves to see how games transform other media and vice versa (how films look like video games, video games like paintings…), but in general how games can make a difference. Since 2017, she works at Flying Sheep Studios, where she makes 3D graphics for HTML5 games.