How Can We Possibly Fill the Gap between the Public Perception and a more Representative Image of Gamers?

Game Happens 2019 – Conference
Friday 8 November, Afternoon Sessions

The aim of this talk is to show gamers’ stories that are more representative of reality. We all know of the teenager stuck in his room, but there is far more to it than that. What of the people who use this marvelous technology to literally act out of the limitations of their own bodies, or those who don’t feel as old as their date of birth would imply. Of course, we don’t deny problematic gaming, but we question whether the stats have been blown out of proportion.

Viola Nicolucci

Viola Nicolucci has plenty of experience in the world of gaming psychology. For 8 years she has specialized in all aspects of the new technology and the impact it can have on society and the strains and stresses it can bring. However as a qualified psychologist she is well placed to explain her findings to those who really should be aware of the changing face of gaming and its pros and cons for the gamers.
Twitter: @ViolaNicolucci