Game Happens by Night

Saturday 9 November

Ambient Set – Kenobit
Tenori-on + Electroplankton on Nintendo DS.
Relaxing improvised ambient set

Fabio 'Kenobit' Bortolotti (Game Happens 2016, photo credits: Marco Pezzati)
Fabio ‘Kenobit’ Bortolotti
(GH 2016, photo credits: Marco Pezzati)

P.P-P. 4.2 – Olivia Giovannini
Put the earphones on // Select a track // Press Play

P.P-P. 4.2 – Olivia Giovannini (Photo credits: Laura Milone)
P.P-P. 4.2 – Olivia Giovannini
(Photo credits: Laura Milone)

Andrea Ghisi’s Laberinto: a 17th Century Mind-Reading Trick
Andrea Ghisi’s Laberinto (1607) is an even more peculiar book, designed as a tool for mentalists: a maze one can browse to divine which figure a person is thinking of. After bringing the book back to life, Mariano Tomatis will use it to involve anyone in a 17th century mind-reading trick

Pause Button: Chat. Relax. Tea.
A relaxing, alcohol-free corner where you can have a chat and discuss your inspirations: choose your own flavour and have some tea

Exhibition by Night
Come and play more than 30 independent games from around the world, with an esclusive VR experience inspired by the theater of Tadeusz Kantor.
Up until midnight

Board Game Night
Play some of the most interesting board games (selection by Game Happens cultural association)